How do I choose an English tutor?

Choose a teacher that is adaptable, flexible, and that favors practical methodologies. During the interview, do not be afraid to ask specific questions about their teaching method or to ask that they describe one of their typical lessons.

What is the best way to learn English online?

1. Study Online English Materials for ESL Students
2. Practice English Anytime with Mobile Apps
3. Take Massive Open Online Course.
4. Connect with Other English Learners
5. Speak with Native English Conversation Partners
6. Follow Educational Websites in English
7. Have Fun with Online TV, Music, and Movies

What is covered in business English?

Our audio and video business English lessons cover a wide range of common topics, situations, and skills, including presentations, telephoning, negotiating, conversation, travel, meetings, interviews, vocabulary, idioms, and more.

¿Cómo aprender inglés rápido y fácil?

1. Aprende frases en inglés, no sólo palabras individuales
2. No estudies gramática
3. Aprende con los oídos, no con los ojos
4. Aprende profundamente
5. Estudia las mimas historias en diferentes tiempos verbales
6. Usa solo material real en inglés
7. Haz ejercicios de “escuchar y responder” no de “escuchar y repetir”